Solar energy

solar energy

In solar energy, we offer following services:
Solar water heater, Irrigation solar energy system,  Back up with solar system, Grid-tied solar system rooftop, Solar energy street lighting systems, Solar home kit, Solar energy, etc …

Medical equipment

medical equipment

In medical equipment, we supply, install, offer spare parts and maintain the following equipment;
x-ray machines, anesthesia and monitoring equipment,  laboratory equipment, medical furniture, sterilization and roundly machine etc …

ICT equipment

ICT equipments

INTERTECH supply various types of Servers, Hardware, Networking products and audio visual equipment. We offer complete network solutions using the entire range of Cisco products including routers, Catalyst Switches, Access Server, ASA Firewall, Network Management Solution, etc. We are supplying HP, DELL, SUN, THURAYA Satellite Phones, voice over IP phones. We are experienced in small and big enterprise WAN solutions. The hardware include various types of Networking and Wireless Product.

Electro-mechanical equipment


Intertech ltd offer a complete range of electrical and mechanical solutions such as covering design, supply, installation, entry into service and centralized control. Intertech ltd also supplies all types of safety equipment: water pumping, air conditioner, drainage, smoke evacuation systems, waste water treatment plant, incinerators and fire detection.

Please contact us if you have a specific energy need we may be able to assist you with.

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